Due To Chronic Boredom pt.2
Im back

So this blog will be back up and running. I will also be doing one for my videography so be on the lookout for it. 

Word for word story of my life. Things only get greater. 

;-) beat it up music though.


I never thought I would gain that many in such little time. I dont even respond to the negativity like the way I should. This calm and collective thing is really working out for me. Its cool to have people one could relate to. Especially since were all awakened. 

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This literally describes my life word for fuckin word. Thats how I know shit will happen the way I said it will.




Soulection Radio is about to take over the FM dial on Kbeach - 88.1 FM HD3 ~ LA | www.kbeach.org


Soulection Radio is about to take over the FM dial on Kbeach - 88.1 FM HD3 ~ LA | www.kbeach.org


This shit went hard af at last nights event. 


The other day, a person I have always admired posted up something offering an internship. I did not hesitate to send in my stuff. I could not stop thinking about it. Shit was on my mind constantly, all I could do was pray on it and keep positive thoughts. I knew things got real the very moment he brought up disclaimer forms and what not. So things are going to go the way they need to. The saying “If it is meant to be then it will be” is extremely true. I would love to thank GOD for guiding me and bringing me nothing but wealth, happiness, and prosperity, despite the fact that I have endured some pretty damn crazy hardships. But its all good though, I would not be here today. And to think, this is only the start.

So I got my internship finally! And it is literally what I wanted. Literally, the secret is too damn real. Its a trip how relevant this internship is to me. I’m speaking as in terms of the culture and everything about it. I am literally going to put my heart and spleen into this shit. Thats how bad I want it. Thats how bad I have always wanted it. I wouldnt be up at 3am thinking about it to the point where I’m blogging about it. I am so damn thankful. You never know how possible things are until they happen. I knew things would work out and will continue to. I cant even describe this feeling real shit. Its better than any blunt, drink, or fuck ive ever had. And thats real. I could care less about any of those irrelevant things. Like I said, And to think, this is just the start. Thanks. I will keep a calm composure and make sure to do everything the right way. 

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